Luminar vs Lightroom: Which Software Is Better?

Luminar vs Lightroom: Which Software Is Better?

Luminar is a name which is shaking up to the photo-editing marketplace which has made itself easy by providing people with affordable alternatives when compared to Adobe’s Lightroom. There are many pros and cons with each piece of software which can allow you to decide the software which will work for you.

Ease of Use

Luminar is considered by many to be very straightforward and simple to use the software. It has the same keyboard shortcuts and Lightroom, which makes it very familiar to help people move from one phot-editor to another. Luminar feels a lot less clunky, which can allow you to enjoy the editing software without having to worry about the lag. Luminar has a very cleaner and a much friendly version of Lightroom.

Workflow and cataloguing

In this comparison between luminar vs lightroom cataloguing has always been a big feature of Lightroom which can put itself as a competitor. The Luminar library feature is quite good at cataloguing, but Lightroom allows you to enjoy and play with the feature. The only reason for Luminar falls short is Lightroom accepts bulk keywords and has a very powerful filter which can work with a vast number of images.

Editing photos

One of the biggest selling points for Luminar is THE introduction of AI technology which can help you find and add the right images. They come in various different looks which can add to your photos with an AI adjusting theme in a suit for a particular photo. If you do not enjoy the process of editing, you can also preset the AI filter and get on with clicking the images. Luminar also offers advanced editing, which can have a compelling layer to the tools. Luminar is an amazing mix of Photoshop and Lightroom, which can have a lot of brush, radial and gradient masks.

Exporting photos

Each platform has its own strengths, and when compared to exporting photos, the biggest weakness is that it does no offer preset exports which can allow you to choose the right options. You can easily install plugins to help modify your exports options that come in very different projects. Lightroom has a print window which allows you to prepare and create files for printing your images easily.

Pricing structure

This is one of the main reasons Luminar has garnered attention. Lightroom has an expensive monthly subscription which can allow them to have the right software. With the recent pricing, you can see that Lightroom can cost you just $10. Luminar also offer a one-time payment option without the need to monthly subscription it is easy to get free updates to the version of the software you buy.

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