Design Elements Necessary for a Quality Website

Design Elements Necessary for a Quality Website

When you have an eye-catching website, people will
think highly of your business. But, if you have a site with spelling errors,
the visitors are less likely to buy. With this in mind, it’s crucial that you
put some work into your website to rank better on search engines. Optimize press and thrive are great options if your on the market for a new site.  To ensure
you’re sending the right message to visitors, you should include some design
elements like;

Large and responsive images

Images create a strong visual experience encouraging
the visitor to scroll down more. Regardless of the approach you use, large
images tell a story without necessarily relying on the text.  Check out these amazing examples of great local lead gen websites. That being said, a
web page that ranks on the top has at least 5 images. To create a unique
experience, you should use stock rather than custom images. Whether they are
product or background images, the user should have the same experience
irrespective of the device they are using.

Share buttons in the right places

Because social media is a valuable tool for
marketing, it’s crucial that you include sharing and follow buttons on your
website. Those people who tend to overlook them lose thousands of new
followers. When you place in the correct places, you increase the visibility of
your social media accounts. A rule of thumb is to place the share buttons next
to a great content like blog posts, press releases, or image galleries. This is
a great way of making the visitors your brand ambassadors but on a manageable

Plenty of whitespaces

Most website visitors scan the content, so you
should ensure your content is not distracted by busy layouts. Whitespace refers
to the distance between elements (empty space) which give visual breaks.
Without the right space, some characters are indecipherable. Simply put,
whitespace makes the website more comprehensible, navigable, and
conversation-friendly. It also forms an aesthetic standpoint.

Clean backend coding

This is probably the most important element when it
comes to the functionality of the website. When coding your website, you should
focus on making it appear lighter and cleanser. For this reason, you should
look for skilled designers who can help you code your site. This, in turn, make
the website load quickly, function flawlessly, and navigate effectively.


The way you format your content makes it easy to
read. While there are a handful of typefaces on the web, you don’t have to make
images or elements get a certain look. Ideally, Courier and Arial fonts are the
most used as they are readable by most browsers and computers. On the other
hand, italic, capitals, and bold are used to bring some attention to the text.
Be sure not to overuse them as they may lose their impact.


A call-to-action (CTA) is a key element on a
webpage. It’s usually in the form of comments such as BUY NOW, filling a
contact form, or sign up. Moreover, it measures the success of your site to
retain some relationship with visitors. When designing a website, it’s crucial
that you focus on the value the call-to-action provides.


A quality website is not only trendy and attractive
but also plays an integral role in passing the right information to visitors.
When you combine the above design elements, you can make a great website. Remember,
quality content will make your site rank better in the search engines.

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