5 Smarter Ways to Get Feedback From Employees

5 Smarter Ways to Get Feedback From Employees

The boss has the authority to challenge the employees from their comfort zone and help the organisation to achieve the goals they have planned. As a leader, you require feedback from the employees to know if you are on the same page. In the past companies have relied on exit interviews where employees bare it all. They do not fear repercussions thus they say everything that has led them to take another job.  Here are ways to help get feedback from employees in a smart manner.


The Boss to Accept Their Mistakes, A Manager who owns to their shortcoming will have employees trust them more. The employees will be comfortable and open up on various issues. The manager can apologise to employees and show genuine concern over the mistake he has made. The executive team will appear more approachable by the employees, and they can ask for a contribution and help in tasks. The issue can be resolved early instead for an employee to keep quiet and the problem escalates to the levels where people are quitting.  In such an environment, employees will have the confidence to give real-time feedback on issues affecting projects.There are firms that use employee engagement software to have better connections with their employees. It will help reduce any delay or losses.


Openly Ask for Opinion from Employees As a manager

You do not know who loves or hate you. Assuming everyone is always on board with your ideas is lying to thyself. Do not be afraid to ask openly about her employees think about your leadership. Promise no repercussions will be taken cause you want to be a better leader.  When you learn the faults, you had turned a blind eye to. The employees will be happy when you implement. It will create a culture whereby the workplace will open to reasonable criticism which will lead to building a strong organisation.


Bosses Should Not Defend Their Mistakes

It is a mistake that managers tend to practice all the time. They are defensive when they make a mistake, and this causes employees to block from giving feedback.  The managers should not criticise the employees when they say what they think on specific issues. Though the pinpointed mistakes may show your leadership skills to be weak accept the comments and contributions. It will help when a manager is giving feedback to employees. They will not feel resentment when they are being corrected and accept.

Do Not Concentrate Just on The Words But Also Non-Verbals Facial

Expressions are perfect to know how you have relayed information. Employees will react immediately. When you always see employees having body signs that convey frustrations and distrust just know you have a problem that is not being communicated.  When you realise that ask openly what may have caused such adverse reactions. With that observations, employees will give their thoughts on what you should do as a leader. It will help the employee to know that you are aware of his problems thus the will speak them out every time.

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