New releases of the Quake 2 game mods

I decided to put direct links to my modifications to the Quake 2 engine here on this website (the web pages actually have been kept here for quite some time but were only linked from my personal web page) since I have just released new versions. (Yes, it has been a while since the last release. ūüôā The big change in both is the ability to define the video mode selection menu from a cvar so you can define a video resolution to match whatever you need for that nice widescreen LCD instead of having to ask me to program it into the list. Plus they’ve both been recompiled to run faster on the latest CPU’s.

Also, it turns out there¬†are¬†compatibility issues that appeared with the final release version of IE7 and CacheSentry/CacheSentry Pro. Microsoft locked down the ability to edit the index.dat file so the cache size bugfix on CacheSentry and CS Pro no longer does anything. Also the delete all content feature in CacheSentry Pro doesn’t work since it uses the same technology to make the index.dat file delete itself. I might be able to get the delete all content feature working in CS Pro again if I’m lucky but it is not looking good for the cache size bugfix. I could implement the old method I used where a program runs at reboot to edit the index.dat file before Windows starts but I¬†really¬†didn’t like that method so I am inclined to drop the size fix feature for IE7. For CS Pro users, you can get the same effect as the bugfix had by backing up the cache, deleting it (and as of now you would use IE7’s delete cache function), and then restoring it from the backup.

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Minor CacheSentry Pro bugfix, CacheMonitor 2.08, XP SP2

The “Initial Scan Delay” setting in CacheSentry Pro wasn’t getting loaded back into the program and there was a problem with the unlock dialog text when using the language.txt file. There is a new version available for download which corrects these problems.

Added a new feature to CacheMonitor: It can now display cookies in the listing! Also, it now remembers its window settings and options after the program exits.

Speaking of window settings, one of the nice things I’ve noticed about Windows XP Service Pack 2: They¬†FINALLY¬†fixed the Explorer folders forgetting their view settings! That alone makes the service pack worth installing. And it took what, only 3 years to finally correct? ūüėČ

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